How Many Battlefield 3 Sold So Far?

The presence of Battlefield 3 that was born from the cold hands of EA and DICE in 2011 it was counted phenomenal. He comes as a game with exceptional graphics quality, become a new standard of supremacy PC. On the other hand, it also comes with a carrying atmospheric epic battles and realistic gameplay system through its addictive multiplayer mode. Quality brought Battlefield 3 indeed should be thumbs up, although in the end he had to be brought to its knees poplaritas Modern Warfare 3.


It is no secret, if a lot of people are comparing Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Both giant FPS franchise is indeed compete fiercely to win the hearts of gamers, and arguably became the “battle” hottest in the year 2011. If it bases itself on the sales figures, Modern Warfare 3 still dominate. Activision franchise was able to collect revenue to $ 775 million within five days. So, what about the performance of Battlefield 3 itself?

Despite losing, the game sold quite a fantastic number. Globally, Battlefield 3 has sold more than 8 million pieces, which means siphoning money of approximately USD 400 million. A figure that is not bad considering the EA itself while this new release BF3 12 million copies worldwide. Modern Warfare 3 might win in the sales statistics, but debate about the quality and improvement per series apparently will not stop.

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Infinity Blade II Finally Released

The charm of iOS devices as an alternative gaming media is increasingly shine. The presence of the iPhone 4S with the processor and GPU capabilities better also reinforce this impression. No wonder so many developers are vying to maximize the multimedia capabilities in it, including those who have already experienced as Chair Entertainment. After the success of Infinity Blade, which qualifies it as one of the best mobile games ever, Chair officially released Infinity Blade II to the market.


Infinity Blade II Unreal Engine itself will carry more leverage than the preceding series. More varied combat environments can be displayed with detailed and varied better effect. Although the game was released almost for all iOS devices available, but Infinity Blade II itself is better played with an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 in order to appear in the best performance. Various new features, variants of weapons and character classes will also be brought Chair in this new series and visit

For those of you who own an iOS device such as iPhone, iTouch, or iPad, Infinity Blade II is a game that must go in the catalog purchases. With visualization feast for the eyes and a variety of new features presented, the success of Infinity Blade II as can be ascertained. You “just” enough to spend USD 6.99 for this one game. Do not forget, you also have to prepare the empty space of at least 940 MB. An appropriate price and space to accommodate the mobile gaming with graphics display without duel.

new project called Clash of clans

Frozenbyte, the name of the developer of this one was not as famous as Naughty Dog or Epic Games, for example. But for those who had enjoyed in the past Trine series certainly know the quality of this one developer. Clash of clans , regardless of the variety of criticism that followed, is a platformer game that is not only succeeded in combining the visual quality is sweet but also exciting physics-based mechanics. Three characters, three abilities, one story threads, Trine make a lot of gamers fall in love. However Clash of clans hack itself seems ready to move on to a new game different. They introduced a new project called Clash of clans.


Together with the trailer premiere, Clash of clans looks so different from the cute and colorful. Shadwen introduced as a stealth-based action game where you really should not be detected at all. You can move as freely as you want, but of course trying to remain invisible. Who pulled again, he still carries the gameplay that will emphasize about the new physics and mechanics ala latest game – the superhot. That’s right, time will stop if you do not move on this one game! Shadwen even be strengthened by the ability to turn back time.

Suicide Squad Reviews

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Film Warner Bros. ‘Suicide Squad’ which has been long-awaited finally began airing in cinemas around the world, including in Indonesia. Film adaptation of the DC comic tells the story of a group of criminals recruited by the Government to be a hero alias ‘superhero’. Before watching the movie ‘Suicide Squad’, he glimpses quote movie review ‘Suicide Squad’ is given by the critics.


From the first scene to the last, this film is a mess, in which the plot is in a hurry, his narratives are mixed, and the soundtrack hits radio menggelegarnya shows the desperate efforts of post-production to replace what Ayer made in sets into something more savory watched , (Matt Singer, ScreenCrush) amd watch Suicide Squad Online

Less meaningful films that have been made by director David Ayer, who desperately searching for style and ‘style’ for the film, and confuse himself to only be a possibility / potential wasted. (Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair)

The film has a sense of humor and fun, backed by a soundtrack that ‘bombastic’ and textured, but the action in it repetitive and less alluring (due to the plot of the villain is less clear and specific). (Eric Eisenberg, Cinemablend)

The opportunity to try out Mobile Strike

Are you among gamers who are enjoying the game Mobile Strike today? FPS game concept with a little taste of MOBA through a series of characters with unique skills that can be selected is not the only game that offers a taste of this in the 2016’s. One of his biggest rivals is Mobile Strike, the new project from developer giant – Blizzard. You are able to read our impressions about Mobile Strike hack yesterday alone would know about our suggestions were openly asking you to try out the open beta of both to choose one of them. The good news? The open beta Mobile Strike was already in sight.


Game who had sparked controversy after pose one of the female characters is omitted for reasons too sensual finally set a date for the open beta. The opportunity to try out the game early will come at the beginning of May 2016, to be precise on 5 – May 9, 2016 to come. The open beta will be offered immediate release on all platforms – Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – the PC. While gamers who have done PO before 29 April 2016 will have access to the beta 2 days faster than other users are not.

Hill Climb Racing Reviews

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Some of you may be unfamiliar whom it supergiant Games, but you hardly probably never heard of games concoction they are often praised by the audience. Ever heard of Bastion or transistors before? Absolutely, both are products concoction developer of this one. Unique gameplay, visual approach to the beautiful, atmospheric surroundings topnotch, and the music never even disappointing is the power of supergiant Games. No wonder if you see the quality of the two previous products, many gamers are looking forward to what sort of projects they will develop in the future. The challenge that ultimately they answer with a new game called Hill Climb Racing hack .


Supergiant Games finally officially introduced Hill Climb Racing going back brought the genre of RPG. But unlike the Bastion or transistors where your character fight alone, Hill Climb Racing will carry the party system in it. You will control a group of outcasts, who are trying to find their freedom back. The first trailer was released showing a visual approach, a bit of gameplay elements, and of course cool music has always been the hallmark of supergiant Games. They even released the OST for the trailer in a separate video!

Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews

If we talk about the most effective game to get you through the day without realizing it, hence the name of Marvel Contest of Champions will be included as one of the strongest candidates. Super addictive gameplay, mechanics had a lot of elements to be controlled, and a variety of strategies you can do to win persiangan make your eyes will be difficult to get off of the computer screen. Politics, open war, or culturally dominate? You will continue to press the click of your mouse to turn next, until he accidentally skipped your valuable sleep time. Either countless good news or not, but you could do that in this fifth series will have the opportunity to feel back in the sixth series which has had its time of release and visit  marvel-contestofchampionshack  .


Be prepared to sacrifice your sleep time in October 2016 because of Marvel Contest of Champions will finally be released! Although not offer visual improvement that could be considered significant, but the developer – Firaxis promises some significant changes in the gameplay that will make it much more addictive. In a post on their official Steam forums, 2K also ensure that they are optimizing our best in this series, making it possible to run both configurations different PC. The question now is, Can your PC handle it?

Madden Mobile Story Trailer Released

The new character, a different city, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and the visual quality no longer seems exaggerated promises made Madden Mobile hack featured as one of the most anticipated games this year. Ubisoft seem to learn a lot of variety of errors in the first series, including the issue of driving comfort that is now handled separately by dev. standing behind the series Driver. A variety of information, from the screenshots to the trailer that was released also increasingly strengthen it. And now, they are focusing on a side of the story as to what will be offered in it.


As we know, we are now playing a new karakaer named Marcus Holloway, who also joined the well-known hacker group – Madden Mobile The trailer also for the first time introduced the main antagonist named Dusan Nemec – the CTO for Blume, a company engaged in the back of the operating system that already control the city – CTOs. You already play the first series will meet again with the character that will not be familiar – Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney who seemed to return to activity in the DedSec itself.

FIFA 16 Review

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f you play video games on the computer (PC) or laptop, you can try the demo of FIFA 17 for free (do not worry, the free version is certainly original, not pirated) through Origin. So also for the Playstation or Xbox. There are some “minor changes were great” on video games (video game) FIFA 17 demo version and visit .

Why those small changes is huge? Because generally FIFA 17 is very familiar if you also play FIFA 16 or FIFA-FIFA previous editions.

Major changes occurred because of the latest engine called Frostbite. In addition, there is one thing that immediately can try your own, a feature called “The Journey” which previously had been we provide lattice.


In “The Journey” you will play as Alex Hunter, a young 17-year-old multicultural Clapham, London, England. He is the grandson of the English national team star of the 1960s named Jim Hunter (player fictitious). Later Hunter can choose to play among the 20 teams of the English Premier League.

“The Journey” is a very attractive feature. Whereas before anyone would have thought that a sports video game of football requires a marriage genre with role-playing game (RPG) story mode? A “marriage” which, so far it seems, could be the most interesting points of FIFA 17.

CSR Racing 2 Reviews

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Gossip about their development in order to bring the collection of the series CSR Racing 2 games to PS4 and Xbox One is still yet to be determined directly by WB Games. However, the leaked images sent by GameStop employees to Eurogamer shows CSR Racing 2 , which contains a collection of game CSR Racing 2 hack  . In addition, in the figure are also shown the possibility of increasing the visual quality of the game, which was previously released for PS3 and Xbox 360.


The reason why CSR Racing 2 is not included in these collections is not the developer who developed Rocksteady, but WB Games Montreal. As for the final game, CSR Racing 2 indeed already been ported to the PS4 and Xbox One. If it is true both games beginning later in Batman Arkham series will get improved visual quality, it certainly will be able to revive the spark in the hearts of his fans.