GTA 5 Cheat for Xbox 360

Cheats have dependably been an indispensable part of the GTA establishment, permitting players to bring about much a greater number of mayhem than they could in the base diversion. Tricks are by and large connected with picking up an uncalled for point of interest, and is viewed as the weapon of the quitter gamer who can’t beat a specific part… Read more »

FIFA 16 Review 2015

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EA’s most recent football game FIFA 16 simply saw its official discharge in the North America this Tuesday, 22nd September whilst the diversion is said to be propelled in the European areas today. While others are checking on FIFA 16 on current-gen comforts, we at TechNewsToday acquired a duplicate of the diversion for Xbox 360 and the PS3. It’s conspicuous… Read more »

Mino Monsters 2 Review

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Pokémon, is a popular anime so in 1996 Nintendo discharged the diversion from the anime arrangement is titled Pocket Monsters Red and Green. The diversion was initially discharged on the Gameboy. Improvements on the planet and after the amusement has begun quickly, came to the era of Pokémon recreations to 6. In view of the notoriety of this amusement, a… Read more »

Finally Lumino City Getting the release date

Do you still remember the game Lumino City which I’ve discussed before last month? The game is rumored to be released in September last, unfortunately because there are some constraints, the release was postponed Lumino City. But yesterday’s State of Play has announced the official release date of Lumino City and is rumored to be released next week. Lumino City… Read more »