Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle be delayed

With the advent of next-gen platform which is in front of the eye, most of the developers of course increasingly focus on maximizing the potential of the franchise and their latest title to be able to look stunning in this new market. Square Enix is ​​no exception. Preparing for next-gen engine – Luminous and the latest series Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle is still alive within the limits of the rumors, the Japanese publisher is ready to jump into this market that is still fresh. Nevertheless, they still leave the final legacy for current generation consoles – Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. One of them? Last conclusion of the Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle series the longest ever – FF XIII.


Lightning put an end to a great adventure, Square Enix really had planned to release the last series – Lightning Returns: Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle in the year, but was postponed. Together with the E3 trailer that was released earlier in 2013, Square Enix announced the postponement of the release. No longer will be present in 2013, Lightning Returns will be released in early 2014, precisely on February 11, 2014 for the American market and February 14 for Europe. Released the latest trailer also shows some gameplay footage and a new plot, including the presence of some characters are certainly familiar – Noel Kreiss and Snow who was seen fighting with the Lightning.
Deviated from the original plan, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle was postponed until February 2014.

Lightning Returns: Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle will be released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. In addition to focusing on this series at E3 2013, Square Enix will reportedly discuss the future of this franchise to next-gen platforms in the future. Enough with Lightning, please ..

New Call of Duty game will be introduced 1 May ?

Game at GameStop promotional materials sent to IGN opens the possibility that the latest games for the franchise Call of Duty will be introduced in the near future! If the date is in the promotional materials is correct, there is a possibility that Activision will introduce new Call of Duty in the near future, the exact date on May 1!


May 1 is not a new date for the introduction of the game Call of Duty. Last year, Activision also choose the same date for introducing the game Call of Duty: Black Ops II through the Turner Network Television (TNT), television channel in the United States, the current NBA playoff party and get madden mobile generator.

Until now, Activision has yet to officially announce the title of the new Call of Duty game that will be present in the year 2013. However, since some time ago, based on information circulating on various retail game, it was rumored that the new game will carry the title of Call of Duty: Ghost.

Related to the introduction of a new Call of Duty game on May 1, various media game in the world is said to have directly contacted Activision to make the news. However, until now Activision is still not willing to give their comments related to it. However, although Activision did not give their official comments, dated May 1 that will come in 2 days longer certainly will not make fans of Call of Duty restrain their curiosity any longer to get the assurance of the announcement of the new game.

Is this the first apparition Just Cause 3?

Apart from some obvious shortcomings seen, Just Cause, especially the second series, it should be recognized is one of the most fun open world game and entertaining an ever present in the gaming industry. The presence of both series were successful in attracting a huge fan base course Just Cause position as one of the most successful franchise Avalanche Studios. Of course, it would be an absurd thing if they do not plan to release and develop the series goes. Although it is still a mystery, but you look forward to welcoming Just Cause 3 appears to be of good cheer. The probability of existence is increasingly enlarged and visit clash royale astuce.


Some time ago, the CEO of Avalanche Studios – Christofer Sundberg had released a mysterious screenshots via his official Twitter account. An image showing a character in action in the desert is indeed divides opinions gamers into two great camps. Most believed him to be a game “Mad Max”, the game adaptation film that is being dealt with Avalanche, while not a few who suspected him of being “Just Cause 3” because some elements that seem familiar. But the mystery of the first screenshot is increasingly clear. Sundberg released a second image which further inflates the probability that this game is Just Cause 3. You who had tasted this series will certainly capture the atmosphere of a screenshot similar to this one.
This second image released by Sunderberg. Just Cause 3? If you look at the various elements are there, it’s quite possible. Whether or not can only be ascertained at E3 2013.

Whether this is true Just Cause 3? Avalanche himself only hinted an official announcement about this one game at E3 2013, including the platform that will be carried. Although it is possible this is a game that we await, but there is also a good idea to wait for official confirmation from the developer, at least to minimize any disappointment. How about you, excited about Just Cause 3?

Gran Turismo 6 Turns To Playstation 3

Playstation 4 announcement from Sony of course leaves many questions. Apart from the popularity that successfully built in a flash, Sony is as missed some exclusive publisher to provoke more curiosity of gamers. Guerilla and Sucker Punch did join and look stunning new games through their flagship, but the developer with more subtle flavors Sony just not visible at all. Not only Naughty Dog who is now busy preparing for The Last of Us, one of Sony’s console frontman for this – Polyphony Digital also did not show his nose. In fact, its flagship racing games – Gran Turismo is always able to maximize hardware capabilities and is recognized as a Playstation game with visualization without equal. So how exactly is the clarity of a continuation series of racing simulation game on this one?


Surprise, this is probably the right word that describes the decision taken by Polyphony Digital. When most exclusive developer Sony began to migrate to the Playstation 4 and tested the visual potential capable he produces, Sony actually came up with a surprise announcement. Many predicted to be one of the flagship games Playstation 4, Senior Vice President Sony – Michael Denny reassures that Gran Turismo 6 will accompany The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension, and Beyond: Two Souls as Playstation 3 and will be released for in 2013. Denny said that this decision was taken in view of the Playstation 3 is still visible in the eyes of potential Sony. As for the definite release date? Sony itself has not given any details and visit clash royale jeu.

For gamers who are curious about Polyphony’s ability to demonstrate its charm in the Playstation 4, it would be pretty disappointing news. But there is one thing that should be noted, has become a habit to introduce the latest series Polyphony Gran Turismo early with full claims and promises, and then fell in the process of protracted delays that might take years. It became a sort of “culture” that is inseparable from them. So, it’s not impossible if the same problem occurs in Gran Turismo 6 which eventually led to a decision to release it as a game Playstation 4 in the future. Well, we’ll see ..

The Magnificent Seven 2016 Reviews

On the off chance that seeing Denzel Washington, firearms bursting and saddled up for his first western, doesn’t get your heartbeat hustling, read somewhere else. Disregard the hot air blowing in from the Toronto Film Festival, where The Magnificent Seven debuted, that recommends Antoine Fuqua’s redo featuring Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke and an ethnically differing cast, isn’t up to snuff. Truly? The haters likewise tossed blocks when Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson played gunslingers in John Sturges’ 1960 form, guaranteeing it couldn’t lick the boots of Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 Seven Samurai – an exemplary “Eastern” about sixteenth century Japanese sword-slingers that Sturges so ignominiously overhauled and permanently ripped off. Unwind, individuals. The new Seven isn’t going for silver screen eternality. It’s two hours of bad-to-the-bone, shoot-em-up pow and it’s engaging as damnation and visit The Magnificent Seven 2016 online.


The plot is basically the same: Seven criminals are contracted to wipe out the terrible person who needs to annihilate their town. In the 1960 variant, Brooklyn-conceived Eli Wallach, utilizing a preposterous Mexican intonation, played the sombrero-wearing scoundrel. This time, the awful person is Donald Trump. Alright, not by any stretch of the imagination – yet it is an egotist white man named Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard, all stops out) who utilizes his armed force of Caucasian entrepreneurs to purchase up all the land, dig it for gold, and satisfy his energy distraught dreams of realm building, around 1879. In the event that that implies pulverizing everything in sight, beginning with the nearby church, so be it. In Bogue’s view, the town of Rose Creek is going to be tremendous.

Another whimsical vanity in the script that Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective) composed with Richard Wenk, is to have the contracting done by a young lady. She’s Emma Cullen (Haley Bennett), a redheaded dowager with a multi-social eye for utilizing professional killers. Washington plays Sam Chisolm, an abundance seeker who rides into town with a “don’t-poop me” demeanor. Nobody says he’s dark. Figure they don’t need to; his speedy draw has a method for hushing plain bigotry. Washington has an underhanded impact in the part (Fuqua guided him to an Oscar in Training Day), particularly when blending it up with Pratt as Josh Faraday, a card shark who can juggle jokes and sticks of explosive without any difficulty. Viewing the lively give-and-take amongst Washington and Pratt is one of the film’s delights. What’s more, Vincent D’Onofrio as Jack Horne, a grizzly mountain man who resembles a block divider, is the object of numerous jokes.

Hawke includes a note of gravity as Goodnight Robicheaux, a Confederate sharpshooter once known as the Angel of Death yet now, alarmingly, losing his nerve. Fortunately, he brings along his Korean closest companion Billy Rocks (Byung-hun Lee), a specialist with blades of each size. Then there’s Vasquez (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), a “Texican” with trust issues. Also, hold up till you see Red Harvest (an astounding Martin Sensmeier), a Comanche in face paint, had of executioner expertise with a bow and bolt.

Sully 2016 Reviews

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Sully is a biographical drama film directed and co-produced by Clint Eastwood and written by Todd Komarnicki, on US Airways Flight 1549 and Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, based on the autobiography of Highest Duty by Sullenberger and Jeffrey Zaslow. Starring Tom Hanks as Sullenberger, with Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney, Anna Gunn, Autumn Reeser, Holt McCallany, Jamey Sheridan, and Jerry Ferrara. The film will be released by Warner Bros. in conventional and IMAX theaters on September 9, 2016.


SULLY movie tells the story of an American pilot, Chesley Sullenberger who perform flights US Airways Flight 1549. Shortly after takeoff, Sully reported that the plane had hit a flock of large, deactivating both the engines. Sullenberger had a discussion with the guide air traffic about a possible return to LaGuardia airport or try to land at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. But Sullenberger quickly decided that the only viable option is to do an emergency landing in the Hudson River. As a result, all passengers and crew survived. Therefore, Sullenberger was dubbed as a National Hero and visit Sully 2016 online.

Mechanic : Resurrection eview

Action and thriller movie directed by Dennis Gansel. Movie player Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, senior actor Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Yeoh. Film Mechanic 2 course is a sequel of The Mechanic, released in 2011 ago. Statham cool style with lacing and merciless blow is typical of his style, and never want to mix style superhero movie.


At that time, Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is an assassin, and had stopped the activity after his colleagues turn into enemies for money, the death of Steve McKenna (Foster) has made him retire from the deadly work Mechanic Resurrection online.

This time, the action seems to be more virulent Statham, the article he had to travel around the world to perform three operations that target very far apart, and requires shrewdness as a former assassin, and therefore every action is expected to look like the scene of the accident.

After the previous sequel Bishop cheated by his partner, even kill him at the last moment at a petrol filling, apparently no smarter than the boss himself. Bishop had been aware of the plan, and even reverse it again plan on Steve who felt he had to perform an action with success.

This time, Statham will play world class targets that must be sought and solved neatly. Statham had to find the target in Australia, then in Brazil, and in America. The film is distributed by Summit Entertainment, Lionsgate, Chartoff Winkler Productions, Millennium Films.

The Mechanic 2: Resurrection (2016) will be screened in theaters on August 26, 2016, the film is still long enough circulation.

How Many Battlefield 3 Sold So Far?

The presence of Battlefield 3 that was born from the cold hands of EA and DICE in 2011 it was counted phenomenal. He comes as a game with exceptional graphics quality, become a new standard of supremacy PC. On the other hand, it also comes with a carrying atmospheric epic battles and realistic gameplay system through its addictive multiplayer mode. Quality brought Battlefield 3 indeed should be thumbs up, although in the end he had to be brought to its knees poplaritas Modern Warfare 3.


It is no secret, if a lot of people are comparing Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Both giant FPS franchise is indeed compete fiercely to win the hearts of gamers, and arguably became the “battle” hottest in the year 2011. If it bases itself on the sales figures, Modern Warfare 3 still dominate. Activision franchise was able to collect revenue to $ 775 million within five days. So, what about the performance of Battlefield 3 itself?

Despite losing, the game sold quite a fantastic number. Globally, Battlefield 3 has sold more than 8 million pieces, which means siphoning money of approximately USD 400 million. A figure that is not bad considering the EA itself while this new release BF3 12 million copies worldwide. Modern Warfare 3 might win in the sales statistics, but debate about the quality and improvement per series apparently will not stop.

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Infinity Blade II Finally Released

The charm of iOS devices as an alternative gaming media is increasingly shine. The presence of the iPhone 4S with the processor and GPU capabilities better also reinforce this impression. No wonder so many developers are vying to maximize the multimedia capabilities in it, including those who have already experienced as Chair Entertainment. After the success of Infinity Blade, which qualifies it as one of the best mobile games ever, Chair officially released Infinity Blade II to the market.


Infinity Blade II Unreal Engine itself will carry more leverage than the preceding series. More varied combat environments can be displayed with detailed and varied better effect. Although the game was released almost for all iOS devices available, but Infinity Blade II itself is better played with an iPhone 4S or iPad 2 in order to appear in the best performance. Various new features, variants of weapons and character classes will also be brought Chair in this new series and visit http://clashofclanshackxx.com.

For those of you who own an iOS device such as iPhone, iTouch, or iPad, Infinity Blade II is a game that must go in the catalog purchases. With visualization feast for the eyes and a variety of new features presented, the success of Infinity Blade II as can be ascertained. You “just” enough to spend USD 6.99 for this one game. Do not forget, you also have to prepare the empty space of at least 940 MB. An appropriate price and space to accommodate the mobile gaming with graphics display without duel.

new project called Clash of clans

Frozenbyte, the name of the developer of this one was not as famous as Naughty Dog or Epic Games, for example. But for those who had enjoyed in the past Trine series certainly know the quality of this one developer. Clash of clans , regardless of the variety of criticism that followed, is a platformer game that is not only succeeded in combining the visual quality is sweet but also exciting physics-based mechanics. Three characters, three abilities, one story threads, Trine make a lot of gamers fall in love. However Clash of clans hack itself seems ready to move on to a new game different. They introduced a new project called Clash of clans.


Together with the trailer premiere, Clash of clans looks so different from the cute and colorful. Shadwen introduced as a stealth-based action game where you really should not be detected at all. You can move as freely as you want, but of course trying to remain invisible. Who pulled again, he still carries the gameplay that will emphasize about the new physics and mechanics ala latest game – the superhot. That’s right, time will stop if you do not move on this one game! Shadwen even be strengthened by the ability to turn back time.